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Unlock the Secrets to Thriving as a Leader

By May 23, 2024News and Events, Podcasts

Dive into the practical science of human thriving and discover how to amplify positive impact in your work and the world in this episode of the Leadership Toolkit podcast. A beacon of wisdom in leadership, management, and entrepreneurship, Wisdom Works CEO Renee Moorefield discusses the journey of thriving leadership with host Mike Phillips. This episode unfolds right in the heart of leadership dynamics, with Renee’s insights lighting the path towards effective, inspiring, and sustainable leadership.

In leadership, thriving goes beyond merely surviving; it’s about flourishing even in the face of adversity. Thriving leaders create ripples that transform their teams, organizations, and ultimately, the industry they are a part of. This involves being internally well-resourced—possessing clarity, resilience, and a strong sense of purpose.

Gain the tools, insights, and strategies for transforming your leadership approach and making a lasting, positive impact by listening in below.

Main Takeaways:

  • Effective leadership is deeply connected to personal well-being; up to 34% of a leader’s impact can be tied to their psychological well-being.
  • Critical leadership qualities include a clear vision and purpose for one’s life, a sense of wonder, and the capacity to energize and inspire others.
  • Leaders can amplify their effectiveness by focusing on personal thriving, which involves being internally well-resourced to handle life’s challenges.
  • Small actions like deep breathing and taking brief walks can significantly impact stress management and clarity of thinking.
  • Assessment tools, like Wisdom Works’ Be Well, Lead Well Pulse, can play a pivotal role in providing non-judgmental feedback and holistic understanding of one’s leadership and well-being.


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Hosted by Mike Phillips, your guide to leadership excellence.
Produced by the Leadership Toolkit team.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Renee Moorfield, PhD, CEO of WisdomWorks.


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