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Human Centered Leadership

A conversation on Wisdom Works’ human centered leadership practices and global community of thriving leaders.

In this engaging episode of the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast, host Peter Winick interviews Wisdom Works Group CEO Renee Moorefield, a pioneering leader in human-centered leadership. Transforming how leaders build thriving organizations for over three decades, Wisdom Works offers innovative resources and guidance to create workplaces and leadership practices that foster well-being and success.

Renee discusses the development of Wisdom Works intellectual property (IP). Her extensive experience in global companies highlighted a critical need: leaders often overlook human factors while focusing on financial and technical performance. Observing this trend, she brought her insights to the University of Colorado’s business school, aiming to scientifically explore the factors that contribute to thriving and stress resilience in leadership. This led to the creation of the “Framework of Thriving” under the “Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Assessment” platform. This framework redefines what it means to thrive, helping leaders understand the essential elements for success in complex environments.

Wisdom Works is now scaling its impact by working with global organizations, especially in the food and consumer goods industries. They conduct one-on-one sessions, team workshops, and organization-wide assessments to identify areas of high and low thriving. This holistic approach introduces new metrics for measuring organizational success and fosters meaningful conversations about well-being.

Additionally, Renee’s team certifies individuals in various industries to implement their tools, creating a network of approximately 225 Certified Guides. Peter and Renee discuss the differences between internal and external certified guides, highlighting the unique challenges and benefits of each approach. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the value of their tools, increasing demand for internal coaches equipped to navigate stressful times.

Ensuring the quality and consistency of their certified guides is paramount for Renee. The program sets clear expectations for knowledge, skills, and abilities, relying on an honor system for self-assessment and continuous feedback. With a 94% return on investment rate, the program’s effectiveness is evident, consistently meeting participants’ needs and enhancing their capabilities.

Three Key Takeaways:

Human-Centered Leadership is Essential: Renee Moorefield emphasizes the importance of focusing on human factors in leadership, highlighting how financial and technical performance often overshadow the well-being of people and organizational culture. Leaders need to prioritize creating thriving, sustainable environments.

Scalable, Science-Based Frameworks: The “Framework of Thriving” and the “Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Assessment” offer a scientifically grounded approach to understanding and fostering leadership that promotes resilience and thriving. This framework helps organizations identify areas of high and low thriving, driving better performance and well-being.

Certified Guides Enhance Impact: Certifying individuals in various industries to use Wisdom Works’ tools has expanded their reach and effectiveness. With approximately 225 Certified Guides, the program ensures consistent quality and effectiveness, as demonstrated by a 94% return on investment rate, meeting the evolving needs of leaders and organizations.


This podcast summary was originally published on Leveraging Thought Leadership here: https://thoughtleadershipleverage.com/human-centered-leadership-renee-moorefield/

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