Wisdom Works is a woman-owned, social impact company with a clear mission to empower leaders to activate and amplify thriving. Through our professional services, organisations evolve their brands, work cultures, and leadership capabilities.

How may we serve you?

Evolve Your Brands

More than ever, customers and consumers expect brands to make a positive, sustainable difference. They increasingly choose products and services that pave the way for healthier ways of living, working, and connecting—brands that bring the world together and uplift humankind. Wisdom Works helps you integrate wellbeing into the promise, positioning, and potential of your brands using approaches that are authentic, relevant, creative, and based in science. Our aim? To help propel your organisation forward as a true wellbeing leader.

Evolve Your Work Culture

A mark of an effective organisation is a work culture that values thriving. Thriving work cultures empower people to work together with generativity and trust, rather than reactivity and fear, and they attract, develop, and retain people at their best. Wisdom Works draws from our decades of experience, strategic expertise, and network of practitioners to help you embrace wellbeing in your organisation’s purpose and vision, values, people strategies, and work culture. We can also certify people to lead wellbeing throughout your organisation. The result? Your organisation inspires people to bring physical, mental and emotional vitality to their jobs every day—and they leave work more refreshed, capable, resourceful, and well than when they came.

Evolve Your Leadership

Our age of continual disruption and change demands leaders who bring thriving to the forefront of how they lead. It’s simple: Depleted or disengaged leaders lack the energy, clear-headedness, emotional balance, and world-centric acumen to make the best decisions at work or at home. Thriving leaders know how to adapt to challenges and lead from a foundation of inner balance and wellbeing. They return to wellbeing whenever they get overstressed or off track. And, they unleash the power of thriving within people and brands, as well as their personal lives. Ready to evolve your leadership? Bring our transformative, world-class leadership journeys into your organisation, or ask us to design and deliver a customized strategy for your unique situation.

Our Clients

Home Depot
Booz Allen Hamilton
Merck & Company
Western Union
Best Friends Animal Society
Global Wellness Institute
Centura Health
Cox Automotive
Coca cola