Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is a scientifically-backed assessment empowering leaders to make wellbeing a game-changer for teams, workplaces, and communities, starting with themselves. It is a holistic tool for human development, cultivating the innate capacity of people to thrive and setting a new standard for thriving in leadership globally.


As organizations strive to be more agile and human-centered, wellbeing has become central to effective leadership. Today, addressing wellbeing drives brand performance, customer loyalty, workforce engagement, and positive social change.

When your leaders apply insights from Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, they grow their capacity to lead from a foundation of wellbeing—an internal balance and clarity, stress resilience, adaptability, vibrancy, and wholeness. Plus, they become accelerators for thriving and growth in others and their organizations.

Simply put, leaders who apply Be Well Lead Well Pulse® bring forth more leadership potential to energize people, maximize their capabilities, and generate the conditions where people bring their best to work and leave work more capable and well than when they came.


The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system measures 19 psychometrics that combine into six dimensions of psychological wellbeing and stress resilience—Thriving, Fuel, Flow, Wonder, Wisdom, Thriving Amplified.

Evaluating your state of flourishing and stress resilience today, as well as your optimism about the future
Using diet, movement, rest, and breath to manage stress and sustain optimal energy and performance
Being in the zone—bringing your full engagement and presence to life and work
Evolving through your challenges, embracing differences and innovation, and unleashing the power of awe
Tapping into your inner greatness—your worthwhile purpose, inspired vision, and your innate genius for guiding people toward positive impact
Accelerating your leadership potential to empower thriving in teams, the organization, and beyond


  • Kind of Assessment: Psychological Wellbeing, Human Development, Stress Resilience
  • Format: 133 questions with scores reported in 19 psychometric scales of psychological wellbeing and stress resilience that aggregate into 6 dimensions (Thriving, Fuel, Flow, Wonder, Wisdom, Thriving Amplified), as compared to a global database of leaders
  • Time to Complete: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Data Security: Adherence to General Data Regulation Protection (GDRP) guidelines as outlined in our Privacy Policy
  • Assessment Uses: Development of Leaders, People and Teams, Organization Culture, Stakeholder Partnerships
  • Training Required: Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Assessment Certification

Background & Development

The theories of adult development shaping Be Well Lead Well Pulse® emphasize psychological wellbeing as an innate resource that people can actively nurture as the basis of human potential, adaptability and growth, fulfillment, and sustainable performance. Partnering with researchers from the College of Business’ Positive Organization Center at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, the Wisdom Works team created Be Well Lead Well Pulse® using valid and reliable scales drawn from social and psychological sciences, combined with decades of experience in developing leaders from Fortune 500 companies to strategic change agents worldwide. The growing assessment database is regularly updated through this research partnership.

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For individuals, the science broadly shows that high thriving is linked to less anxiety, depression, and burnout, stress buffering, faster healing, decreased illness and healthcare usage, healthier lifestyles and workstyles, purpose, happiness, and meaning in life, supportive social relationships, and the capacity to deal with complexity and change.

For organizations, high thriving is linked to employee productivity and engagement, prosocial behaviors and teamwork, staff and customer loyalty, workplace citizenship, brand effectiveness, environmental responsibility, profitability, agility, and positive work culture.

At Wisdom Works, we believe a focus on thriving is not only about getting a personal and organizational return on investment—thriving redefines how we live, work, grow, relate, and succeed.

“Be Well Lead Well Pulse® has the unique combination of the science of wellbeing and direction on how to integrate into who we are as leaders. This is not just about good health but creating a healthy and thriving organization to win in the market.”

—Bill Tompkins, Senior Retail Executive

A System for Healthy, Sustainable Change

Be Well Lead Well Pulse® enables you and your organization to use thriving as a strategic resource. When leaders utilize the assessment, they gain access to a system for healthy, sustainable change:

  • A detailed feedback report mapping what enables or erodes the leader’s ability to activate and amplify thriving personally, as well as for the people and teams they lead. A feedback report can also be created to analyze thriving for a group, such an intact team or network of leaders across your organization.
  • An in-depth debrief session with a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide to turn insights from the assessment feedback report into actions that boost thriving and effectiveness.
  • The 70-page Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Interpretation Manual offering guidance, action planning tools, and close to 100 macro- and micro- practices for prioritizing thriving at work and at home.

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  • A growing global network of Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guides, expert facilitators of thriving leadership.
  • The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® certification program, developing the internal capacity in your organization to elevate wellbeing for people and teams and cultivate a thriving work culture.
  • The Be Well Lead Well® platform of services and bespoke programs designed to build brands, workplaces, and leadership capabilities that empower thriving.

In our increasingly complex times, thriving is no longer optional. Join the thousands of leaders using Be Well Lead Well Pulse® to make thriving a new standard of success.

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.