Wisdom Works designed and implemented an integrated development journey to boost employee wellbeing and brand impact for Barilla’s Italy-based Mulino Bianco brand team. Through this journey Mulino Bianco employees showed a 20% increase in personal thriving and resilience, a 43% upsurge in engagement and wellbeing at work, and a 59% rise in a culture of participation and teamwork, at the same time global studies showed employee wellbeing sharply eroded during the pandemic. Using the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Framework of Thriving, the team also reawakened Mulino Bianco’s brand DNA for caregiving through product activations to advance consumer wellbeing and connection.

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Wisdom Works professional services helped drive a multi-year effort empowering the top 150 senior leaders of The Coca-Cola Company to reimagine the organization’s mission and vision for greater positive impact in the more than 200 countries where it operates. This resulted in the company shifting from a profit-centric organization to a 6-P framework (People, Partners, Portfolio, Productivity, Planet, Profit) – an inspired roadmap to guide its business direction, allocate financial resources, enhance the employee experience, broaden its brand portfolio and marketing, and focus its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) partnerships and initiatives. The effort also set the stage for the company’s decades-long commitments to socially responsible innovations in product ingredients, sustainable packaging, climate protection, water stewardship, human rights, women’s empowerment, and education in communities worldwide.


While U.S. education leadership experienced mounting mental and physical health issues, significant equity gaps, and the lowest morale on record, the Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC), an innovative two-year fellowship for principals, elevated leader impact through a focus on wellbeing. Using Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, PIC principals holistically examined their wellbeing leadership, improved personal vitality, and developed new skills for role modeling, communicating, and building a culture of thriving in their school systems. The results? 75% lessened their work-related stress, while burnout climbed for other education leaders. 81% reported likely to remain in their leadership roles, at a time of high turnover among principals across the nation (every 2.5 years on average). Plus, 66% of staff on PIC-led campuses said their leaders fostered a culture of positivity and resilience.

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A large home improvement retailer incorporated Be Well Lead Well Pulse® into the company’s development of high potential leaders, middle managers, and supervisors. Leaders were empowered to explore their capacity to thrive through small leadership circles and personal reflection. Participating leaders reported that insights from this pioneering wellbeing leadership assessment enabled them to: 1) understand what it means to thrive personally and professionally, 2) identify how their stressors are positively and negatively impacting their life and work, 3) unplug from work to effectively recharge, 4) achieve better balance with competing life priorities, and 5) promote wellbeing for the teams and people they lead.


Wisdom Works delivered a bespoke 9-month transformational development program to reinvent the Innovation team of a global beverage company. The program galvanized two instrumental shifts in this leadership team. The team: 1) reinvented itself from its traditional order-taker mode into truly leading strategic innovation and value for the company, and 2) redesigned its fragmented, regional focus into collaborative, global action. The integration of wellbeing principles and practices was pivotal in this program, resulting in positive biometric and psychological indicators for these leaders, as examples: lower blood pressure, lower body fat, higher levels of HDL cholesterol, healthier emotional regulation, the ability to rise above immediate crises with broader perspectives and a higher productivity of ideas, the use of transcendent values such as shared purpose and inspired vision to constructively deal with complexities, and prosocial skills for team thriving.


Wisdom Works led a strategic initiative, using Be Well Lead Well® bespoke programming, to improve the personal and team wellbeing for the business unit leadership team of a fast moving consumer goods company in the Middle East and North Africa. This included guiding the team to craft clear commitments for enhancing the quality of life of employees, partners, and consumers in the region through the company’s wellbeing leadership.


Wisdom Works applied the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification training to build an internal capacity of leaders charged with accelerating the agile transformation within a global pharmaceutical. The training provided these leaders a science-based framework, shared language, a methodology, and heightened abilities to coach for the wellbeing and stress resilience of individuals and teams. As a result, this training was a vital part of transforming the organization’s work culture to become more networked, collaborative, purpose-driven, and innovative—and an environment that fosters thriving for the company’s +100,000 employees.


Wisdom Works professional services advised the creation and execution of a corporate wellbeing framework, along with commercial and employee-facing strategies, guidelines, education, and toolkits to activate wellbeing throughout a world-leading hospitality company. The corporate wellbeing framework guided company innovation in key business areas: brands, products, guest services, partnerships, customer loyalty, leadership development, and employee engagement for the organization’s 130,000+ colleagues.