What Enables Teams To Succeed and Thrive?

As our business worlds become more disruptive, we need teams of all types—project-based, functional, cross-functional, self-managed, virtual, and more—to be adaptive. A team that’s adaptive continually self-adjusts based on changes in its external and internal worlds, and at the same time it is guided by a larger aspiration.

When the way work is done elevates and amplifies individual and team thriving, it can have a positive ripple effect with a team’s customers, partners, and the rest of the organization, as well as with the loved ones and communities of team members. So, it’s critical to build thriving teams intentionally.

Gusto reports that 37% of workers said being able to work with a great team was the top reason for staying at a company.

Wisdom Works has helped advance countless thriving teams in companies around the globe. We’ve learned that teams are more apt to flourish when five categories are given keen attention: Best Team Makeup, Clear Team Structures, Essential Team Skills, Committed Self-Leadership, and Positive Team Climate.

These categories are interdependent, working together to build a dynamic system of structures in which team thriving—the team’s evaluation of itself as well-resourced, mentally, emotionally, and physically, to meet its demands and evolve—are more likely to occur.

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“How will you harness the powerful human energy on your team? How will you create the conditions for people to thrive as they achieve positive results together?”

—Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom Works Group