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Imagine if we could create a world in which people left work more energized and well than when they arrived.

At Wisdom Works, we believe this is not only possible, but that empowering others and ourselves to thrive is the true meaning of effective leadership.

Yet, we all know it isn’t simple. As leaders, the challenges we face are complex and getting more so every day. It can feel overwhelming, stressful, confusing to determine how to make thriving a reality in today’s workplaces.

Here are six resources to help you explore thriving within your own workplace or community.

  1. Participate in our upcoming training to integrate wellbeing into how you lead. As organizations become more agile and human centered, placing wellbeing at the center of leadership is critical, beginning with yourself. Discover how your personal wellbeing journey is connected to your effectiveness as a leader within our leadership development program. You’ll also receive practical tools to measure and support your wellbeing and those you lead. Registration is now open for the 2023 Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Programs.
  2. Learn from leaders who are advancing wellbeing at work. Wisdom Works was delighted to host the webinar, Leading WELL in an Overstimulated World with incredible leaders! Listen in as Deloitte’s Chief Wellbeing Officer Jen Fisher, Roche’s Global Organizational Effectiveness Leader Jacqueline McMenamin, Web MD’s Chief of Medical Affairs Dr. Bruni Nazario, and workplace wellbeing researcher Jessica Grossmeier share their insights about how to elevate wellbeing and resilience of the people they lead, including themselves.
  3. Explore the 6 essential shifts leaders make to prioritize thriving. In today’s increasingly chaotic and stressful landscape, wellbeing is a key differentiator. And many leaders are resetting their organizations with the principles of wholeness, connectedness, adaptability, and resilience. Prioritizing thriving is one of the biggest opportunities for reimagining leadership today. To advance thriving for yourself and others requires these six essential shifts.
  4. Make thriving part of your daily routine. When you make your wellbeing a priority, you can better optimize the value you create at work and turn work into an avenue where people grow and thrive. Use this 24-hour timeline to integrate the science of thriving into everyday life-work habits. Choose 1 or 2 ideas to implement in your daily routine and encourage others to do the same.
  5. Fuel your wellbeing through key wellness behaviors. Cultures around the world have long known that eating well, getting plenty of physical activity throughout the day, enjoying high quality sleep, and breathing mindfully contribute to physiological and psychological vitality. Wise leaders have a personalized FUEL strategy that’s part of their daily routine, and they coach their teams to do the same. Use these four innovative, zero-cost strategies to purposefully fuel your wellbeing.
  6. Encourage wonder at work—and boost team performance. If you’re curious about ways to boost your effectiveness and impact, put wonder at the top of your list! Why? Because wonder transforms how we see the world, creates greater resiliencies during stressful times and generates a deep motivation to energize and maximize the talents of people and teams. Start leading with WONDER by experimenting with these questions at your next team meeting.

We are committed to advancing healthier, more mindful, and effective leadership around the world. Every step you take on your journey of thriving amplifies into the lives of others—in your work, at home, and in your community.