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When you make wonder a cultural norm, you empower vibrancy, connection, and adaptability.

Encourage your team to ask WONDER-generating questions to break down social and organizational barriers, build healthy relationships, and work through problems effectively. Ask, “What else could be true?” before implementing knee-jerk reactions to problems. Hire and reward curiosity. Encouraging WONDER at work benefits your organization and everyone it touches.

WONDER is a key dimension in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment, drawing together three out of the assessment’s 19 psychometrics of wellbeing leadership:

  • Appreciation & Awe: The extent to which you experience a sense of beauty, curiosity, and enchantment in your daily life.
  • Seeking New Perspectives: The extent to which you don’t simply tolerate views that are different from your own, but rather, actively look for opportunities to expand your viewpoints and beliefs.
  • Learning & Growing: The extent to which you use the constant changes and “ups and downs” of life to evolve as a human being.

Start leading with WONDER by experimenting with the questions in this leadership tool at your next team meeting (click on the image to download a high-res version).