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Registration is now open for the 2023 Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Programs

Leaders today must guide their organizations through an unprecedented degree of uncertainty, complexity, and change in our globally connected world. And at every level, our systems are struggling to meet these challenges with generative responses, resilience, and wellbeing:

  • A new global high of 33% of adults report daily negative experiences.That’s one-third third of all adults suffering every day—mentally, emotionally, physically. Further detail from the Gallup’s latest research is sobering: Four in 10 adults worldwide feel a lot of worry (42%) or stress (41%), three in 10 experience a lot of physical pain (31%), and 20% report not having a single person they can count on for help.
  • There is a lack of wellbeing in workplaces, along with a rise in its significance. According to a recent report by Deloitte, 68% of employees and 81% of the C-Suite say improving their wellbeing is more important than advancing their career, yet both groups (83% of employees and 74% of executives) say they face obstacles to doing so.

At Wisdom Works we believe thriving is an untapped, internal resource that enables leaders to meet these demands effectively. Thriving is essential for healthier, more conscious, and sustainable leadership in our rapidly changing world.

For three decades we’ve worked with organizations around the globe to integrate the science and practice of thriving into their teams, brands, and cultures. Drawing on this experience, Wisdom Works created the Bell Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program to provide leaders with the latest research on thriving and the resources they need to prioritize wellbeing for themselves and their organization.

By empowering leaders who are seeking new ways of working that leave people feeling more well than when they arrived, Wisdom Works is building a global movement to achieve a new standard of thriving at work, at home, and in all walks of society.

In our current landscape of collective languishing, burnout, and trauma, Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is a leadership assessment tool that helps leaders put their wellbeing back on their agenda. Backed up by science and highly actionable, this model guides leaders back into their natural place of thriving for more fulfillment, effectiveness, and positive impact. I highly recommend this for any leader who wants to create a healthier and more inclusive world.—Seema Sodha, Leadership and Executive Coach


Today, addressing wellbeing in the workplace drives brand performance, customer loyalty, workforce engagement, and positive social change.

Organizations prioritizing thriving for their teams and organizations have seen incredible results:

  • The Italian bakery brand Mulino Bianco, part of the international food company Barilla, undertook a 6-month wellbeing journey during the height of the pandemic. Even a year after the journey began, the brand team reported a 20% increase in personal thriving and resilience, a 43% upsurge in engagement and wellbeing at work, and a 59% rise in a culture of participation and teamwork—at the same time global studies showed employee wellbeing sharply declining.
  • By holistically examining 19 key factors of their wellbeing and stress resilience, 75% of 185 principals in a North Texas, USA fellowship program lessened their work-related stress while burnout climbed for other education leaders. 61% of their staffs said these leaders fostered a culture of positivity and resilience during a time when schools nationally reported the lowest morale on record.
  • A multinational healthcare company built the internal capacity of its leaders through the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® science-based framework, providing shared language and heightened abilities for these leaders to coach for the wellbeing and stress resilience of individuals and teams. As a result, this training has become a vital part of transforming the organization to become more agile and networked, purpose-driven, and innovative.

Many leaders are resetting their organizations with the principles of wholeness, connectedness, adaptability, and resilience. These leaders know: A thriving company requires thriving people. 

We believe thriving is no longer optional. To empower leaders in taking action for thriving, we are now training leaders in our holistic and practical solution through the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program.

Wisdom Works’ Framework of Thriving

The 5-day leadership development program trains leaders on how to apply Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, a scientifically-based assessment system that measures 19 factors of psychological wellbeing, stress resilience, and wellbeing leadership. The tool allows leaders to get a baseline of thriving for the people they lead and find out ways to enhance their capacity to thrive. Through experiential learning, leaders discover how their personal wellbeing is connected to their effectiveness as a leader, and learn practical tools for amplifying thriving for themselves, their teams, and their communities.

At first sight, this is a perfectly structured program that teaches you all you need to apply Be Well Lead Well Pulse®. But then it turned out to be much more: a transformational, life changing journey in an incredibly inspiring group of people.— Julia Schwoerer, Vice President of Marketing, Barilla Group

Additionally, as part of our commitment to make wealth and wellbeing partners, Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program registrations contribute to the healthy development of women and children worldwide. Read more about how we amplify our customers impact here.

Join our global community and make thriving a differentiator for your organization by participating in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program. The 2023 programs will take place April 17-21, 2023 and October 2-6, 2023 via remote learning. Learn more and register here: https://www.wisdom-works.com/certification/