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By August 7, 2016
  • Make progress on your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan Through a life-enhancing system of support, including:
  •  confidential conversation with an Integrative Health Advisor.
  • 1-hour group coaching sessions with a learning circle of your peers on this yearlong journey.
  • e-talks with wellbeing & leadership experts, offering stretch insights in Thriving & Me topics, from healthy eating for your microbiome and sleep as a doorway to performance to energy management and the female brain on stress.
  • Private access to our Be Well Lead Well® website, full of inspiring stories, tools, and resources for fully integrating wellbeing into your life and leadership
  • Weekly mindfulness practices.
  • 5-hour e-dialogue that happens quarterly, starting now, with your Personal Support System, trusted people you’ve invited to support you in making thriving a priority at work and at home.