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What Effective Leaders Know In Their Bones: The 6 Powers Of Thriving

Blog 173 pic 84718900Complexity, interdependence, upheaval, and change are features of 21st century life and work, and they are fueling conflicts in every corner of our globe. (Need confirmation? Take one glance at the recent news.) Truly effective leaders strive to consciously use these same 21st century qualities to activate the powers of THRIVING.

As the world becomes more demanding, this kind of leadership is more in demand. Why? Because leaders who strive to operate in this way know in their bones: Human beings are designed with an inherent capacity to thrive. The stance of leadership then—whether parent or manager—is to foster the conditions where this capacity is tapped into, cultivated, and amplified.

Individually and collectively, when we thrive we are better equipped to accept and embrace our current realities, rise to better ways of thinking and operating when desired, and contribute to organizations and a world that is healthier, safer, and more connected, inclusive, and just. In this light, thriving isn’t something we delay until our work is done or our problems are solved; thriving is a dynamic and strategic resource, a full engagement with and evolution through the activities and complexities of life.

Plus, by unleashing this human potential, effective leaders empower at least six powers, each necessary to the sustainable success of the organizations they lead:

1. The power of creativity: Using the power of human agency to proactively participate in shaping the situations we’re in, as well as the future.

2. The power of integration: Transforming the differing values, gifts, intelligences, and resources so rich in our human diversity into a well-functioning, resilient capabilities that benefit the whole.

3. The power of productivity: Fulfilling a meaningful purpose and clear goals.

4. The power of adaptability: Resourcefully adjusting and responding to change and new challenges, rather than letting them become an unnecessary drain.

5. The power of prevention: Taking measures whenever possible to anticipate and resolve problems before they occur.

6. The power of systems thinking & action: Promoting that which favors wellbeing over the long-haul and letting go of that which doesn’t.

Perhaps our current complexities and challenges are exactly what we require to build new mindsets, energy systems, and capabilities for thriving as individuals, organizations, and whole societies. At least, that’s the deeper drive of effective leaders.

If you’d like to learn more about our approaches to build thriving leaders and organizations, please contact me at renee@wisdom-works.com.

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