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Companies Are Going Net Positive. Are You?

blog-166-picWe have the power to energize or deplete each other. And whether we realize it or not, we are using that power every moment of every day.

I was reminded of this fact at the Global Wellness Summit, an annual international event that brings together leaders and visionaries to shape the future of wellness as a global industry. How? When I walked into this gathering, I felt like I was refueling others as well as myself. My cells buzzed with a visceral sense of plugging in, so to speak, to the deeper wellbeing motivations this collective of +550 people brought together with their insights, hearts, and networks around the globe.

At the Summit, I reconnected with passionate leaders I’ve shared in past Face of Wellbeing Leadership blogs—healthcare visionary Clare Martorana, Zappos’ innovator Maggie Hsu, Johnson & Johnson’s former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Fik Isaac, epidemiologist Gerry Bodeker, spa trendsetter Patrick Saussay, The Breakers V.P. Denise Bober, and Global Wellness Institute trailblazer Susie Ellis. And I deepened my rapport with many people I find inspiring—wellness hospitality guru Mia Kyricos, Dondeena Bradley and her visionary team at Weight Watchers, Global Women 4 Wellbeing cofounders Nancy Board and Mim Senft, and HuffPost blogger John Toomey, to name a few.

What I appreciated most during the Summit was less about individual people, however, and more about the capacity we have as human beings to fuel—and refuel—one another. Whether as part of families, work teams, or neighborhoods, we are always in relationship. A continual energetic exchange exists between us, and through it we influence each other’s abilities to succeed and grow, to heal and be well.

We have opportunities every day to elevate each other. For example, we can be a source of thriving through our empowering questions and generative listening, our genuine appreciation and gratitude, and our authentic presence. Because of the undeniable interdependencies between us, we can more consciously (and conscientiously) use our energy to uplift one another, and in doing so we uplift ourselves.

Harvard-trained neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor once said, “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring to this place.” This place could take on many definitions—the community you live in, your workplace, your home-space or life partnership… even the body you inhabit. In every case, Taylor’s statement calls us to adopt a stance of personal leadership, taking charge of the energy that moves through our thoughts and actions—our very being.

During the Summit, it was refreshing to hear futurist Edie Weiner talk about how more and more company models are shifting to net positive, a way of doing business that contributes more to the environment, communities and societies, and the global economy than it takes out. This is a big shift, and it’s impressive. Yet I believe it is quite transformative personally as well. We are inextricably interdependent, the time ripe for each of us to learn how to use our energies for good—our own version of net positive as leaders and human beings.

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