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At a time when, according to McKinsey’s recent report, among the top reasons employees quit a company are uncaring leaders, lack of meaningful work, and unsustainable work conditions, creating the conditions where people can thrive is one of the best strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining employees.

In your leader-as-coach role, coaching for thriving can be significant—and it is one of today’s biggest leadership imperatives. A stressed-out colleague, an energy-depleted team member, an employee who is languishing—you can help your team recommit to making their work a source of wellbeing through your competent coaching support.

Are you ready to support your employees on this journey? Are you on your own journey?

Ask yourself  how you’re doing on each of these statements to see if you’re on track.


  1. You’ve developed a sense of what thriving means to you as a leader and a whole human being.
  2. You’re honest with yourself about the extent to which you’re thriving in this period of life and work.
  3. You are aware of the personal signs (mentally, emotionally, and physically) that you’re dealing with too much or too little in your life and work.
  4. You’ve identified goals, mindsets, behaviors, relationships, and routines to help you thrive.
  5. You know how to coach yourself through times when you aren’t thriving.
  6. You seek outside assistance—an executive coach, a trusted mentor, a therapist, mental wellness education—when an external perspective is what you need to reinvigorate your wellbeing.


  1. You notice when the people you lead show signals of too much or too little stress.
  2. You motivate people to include thriving within their personal and career aspirations and performance goals.
  3. You are happy providing 1:1 coaching for people who want to thrive at work—and to make their work a source of authentic wellbeing.
  4. You help team members discover organizational or community resources, when available, to support them with wellbeing challenges.
  5. You raise team members’ awareness of how they individually impact the wellbeing and performance of the team.
  6. You help the team commit to practices that improve teamwork by elevating team members’ capacity to thrive.


To build new capabilities to coach for thriving as part of your leadership toolkit, participate in our next leadership development program, April 17-21, 2023, or contact us to work alongside a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guide in your region.