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Ready, Set, Rejuvenate! (It’s the Secret to Wellbeing at Work & in Life)

A change of scenery can give you time to reflect and recharge—both important to leading wellbeing.

A change of scenery helps us reflect and recharge—both important to leading wellbeing.

I’m taking a few days off, and as I disconnect from my cell phone and internet I’m reminded how good it always feels to unplug and recharge.

Of course, I’m no stranger to renewal. After all, rejuvenator is one of the essential 7 leadership roles in Wisdom Works’ Leading Wellbeing™ Framework, and I couldn’t do my work with leaders (nor would I be a good role model!) without taking the time to refresh and reflect. In fact, I often use down time to clarify my vision.

Every time I take a vacation I’m reminded of the health benefits of a change of pace and environment—everything from an increase in mindfulness and creativity to boosting energy and focus. I see these benefits both in my personal life and at work—proof that workaholics have it wrong when they secretly think that vacation is for wimps!

And I always come back from a break more determined than ever to make peace a habit and to integrate relaxation into  my daily life (not just as a vacation staple or a once-a-year celebration).

So, pardon me if I cut this short and make myself smarter at work later—by taking off now.

PS: Remember that rejuvenating isn’t just about taking a vacation. Sometimes when we’re in a rut in life or at work, we just need to try something new or think a different way.

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