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National Relaxation Day – August 15

You are likely in the minority if you recognize that Thursday, August 15th is National Relaxation Day.  More importantly, are you a member of the minority that practices stress-relieving techniques on a regular basis?

A certain amount of stress is normal and sometimes needed in order to meet certain deadlines and avoid injury in special circumstances.  But, to quote an old Eagle’s tune, it’s the “Life in the Fast Lane” way we live our lives that may lead to an overly-stressed condition that can prove to be mentally and physically harmful over time.

This month you can change the way you respond to stress by going for a long walk, taking a nap, reading a book, calling a friend, and getting a massage. At work you can respond to stress by trying some of the techniques in this month’s blog topic (blog link). So, be good to yourself, recognize when you are overstressed and experiment with fun, easy, stress-relieving activities.