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Wisdom Works Launches Research Division Based on Growing Body of Insights from Close to 1000 Assessments of Leaders Globally

Inaugural Report Identifies Important Relationship Between Wellbeing & Paradoxical Leadership Now Required for a Post-Covid World

Colorado Springs, Colorado – July 6, 2021: Wisdom Works Group releases inaugural Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox, as part of a new research division to showcase insights gleaned from the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessments of close to 1000 leaders from around the world.

The timely report underscores the fact that leaders today must guide organizations through an unprecedented degree of uncertainty, complexity, and change in our globally connected world. This inevitably means leading in environments full of contradictory demands, or paradoxes, where solutions are never clear or simple. The report showcases the pivotal relationship between leaders’ wellbeing and how they navigate paradoxes with “both/and thinking”, an orientation which recognizes that conflicting perspectives can be an impetus for innovation, learning, and growth for people and organizations alike.

The research revealed that leaders who score high in wellbeing are 38% more likely to report engaging in paradoxical leadership behavior than leaders who score low in wellbeing. This suggests that leaders who experience high levels of wellbeing may be better equipped to draw on both/and thinking to handle the paradoxes inherent in organizational life, as examples, taking leadership control or allowing others to lead, going fast or slow, sticking to well-laid plans or staying agile, treating each person the same or as unique human beings, and amassing profitability for the organization or cultivating wealth and wellbeing beyond it.

“Well-managed companies require leaders who can meet the unparalleled degree of complexity in our world with inspiration, partnership, and wisdom, rather than reactivity, myopic thinking, or burnout,” said Renee Moorefield, CEO of Wisdom Works and Executive Director of Be Well Lead Well®. “We believe today’s complexities present the precise opportunity for leaders to unleash their potential to grow, evolve, and thrive, and our Be Well Lead Well® platform empowers leaders to do just that for themselves and their teams.”

Moorefield added, “As a growing number of leaders around the globe are assessed and empowered with the tools and resources they need to to tap into their potential, we are also gaining collective insights on the overall dynamics propelling effective leadership today. We look forward to sharing these insights via the release of future research reports.”

Data collection was conducted during the pandemic in 2020 with 425+ leaders in top leadership, middle-management and first line leader roles from countries in Western Europe and North America. Leaders rated themselves using two self-report instruments, Paradoxical Leader Behavior scale assessing the extent to which they lead from both/and thinking, and the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment which combines 19 psychometrics linked to overall psychological wellbeing.

Wisdom Works Group
Wisdom Works was founded in 1999 by Renee and David Moorefield with the mission to amplify healthier, conscious, and sustainable leadership. The firm has since delivered culture change know-how, brand development, and transformative leadership programs with hundreds of organizations around the world. To accelerate these efforts, Wisdom Works also created Be Well Lead Well®, a science-based platform of assessments, programs and services ultimately designed to transform leadership capabilities via personal wellbeing. With this platform, Wisdom Works helps organizations build brands, workplaces, and leadership capabilities that advance human thriving at work and in life.

About Be Well Lead Well Pulse®
In 2018, Wisdom Works developed the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment with the guidance of social scientists from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. The assessment uniquely combines the latest research on human thriving with three decades of experience developing leaders worldwide. This holistic assessment generates insights of what enables or erodes a leaders’ ability to thrive via 19 psychometrics that combine into six, proprietary dimensions of wellbeing and transformation—Thriving, Fuel, Flow, Wonder, Wisdom, and Thriving Amplified. Currently, Be Well Lead Well Pulse® has been used with close to 1000 leaders worldwide and growing.

The firm now certifies practitioners and leaders around the world to utilize Be Well Lead Well Pulse® within their organizations and communities. Executives, strategists, leadership coaches and others who fully complete this certification program know how to apply this evidence-based assessment system to make thriving a game-changer in their teams and organizations—starting with themselves. The next program will take place October 11-15, 2021 via remote learning.

To receive the Effectively Leading Through Paradox report and future Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights reports, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/hCvfHL

To learn more about Be Well Lead Well® and the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment, visit: https://www.wisdom-works.com/