In Be Well Lead Well® Women, What Happens For You As A Leader?

Be Well Lead Well® Women is a truly integrative journey where you discover what enables you to thrive and turn your insights into real-life results. The heart of the program is experiential learning and generative growth – Explore > Engage > Embody. We accomplish this through four cycles that ensure the time, energy,  and commitment put into this journey helps you become healthier and more resilient, a wellbeing game-changer for you, your team, your organisation, and beyond.

What Makes Be Well Lead Well® Women Unique?

Focus On How You Thrive

Learn the art, science, and practices for human thriving — a blend of leading edge innovations with time-tested wisdom. Use these to rise above the complexities you face.

Enjoy A Personalised Approach

Apply insights from state-of-the art testing in heart, brain, and immune system health, key genetic markers, and wellness and purpose-driven leadership assessments to map out strategies for well-living and well-leading.

Empower Your Leadership

Enhance your effectiveness by learning to use an untapped asset—the power of human thriving to boost performance, engagement, and fulfillment in the people and teams you lead.

Connect, Connect, Connect

Build lifelong relationships with other amazing women leaders traveling this journey too.

Experience Rejuvenation

Immerse yourself in our Colorado retreat destination, designed to connect you with nature, relaxation, and renewal of mind, body, and spirit.

Grow Enlightened Leadership

Belong to a growing global network of leaders who seek to use their power for good.

Make Sustainable Changes

Engage in enriching retreats, e-talks, learning circles, 1:1 advice from an Integrative Health Advisor, holistic assessments, a personal support system, regular mindfulness practices, and digital tools in a yearlong journey aimed at helping you embody changes that truly matter.

Get Stretched & Inspired

Learn from experts in integrative mind-body health and enlightened leadership, along with faculty highly adept in transformational change.

Access Digital Tools

Gain 24/7 access to the Be Well Lead Well® platform, an online source of tools and resources for making thriving part of your leadership toolkit in realtime.

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your wellbeing leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.