In Cycle 3 the program shifts from me to we. Thriving as the central thread is now applied to a larger circle of impact, such as shared leadership in your team and partnerships of your organization.




    Use your Leadership Circle ProfileTM and keen insights about yourself to answer these thriving we questions:

    • How do I currently use my presence, energy, and power as leader to cultivate thriving of others? How do I thwart the thriving of others, even unintentionally?
    • What does it mean to be a thriving we? How is that supported—or not supported—by me and my organisation?
    Reach out to at least two leaders who inspire you with their commitment to building a thriving we. These people may be in your network or community, or you may use this opportunity to connect with someone new. Your aim? Get curious! Allow them to stretch you beyond your mental, emotional, organisational, and cultural comfort zones, and tap into the empowering energy behind their approaches.
    Participate in any of the Social Attitudes assessments at Harvard’s virtual laboratory, Project Implicit. Make notes about how hidden biases shape how you live and lead, and affect your ability to thrive. Your responses will be confidential to you—your groundwork for a rich dialogue you and your cohort of women leaders will have at the upcoming retreat about limiting beliefs, unconscious attitudes, and biases.

You will receive instructions to guide you in the following activities as preparation for your third retreat.


Achieve these retreat OUTCOMES
You leave this third retreat with:

  • Profound insights about how your unconscious assumptions, beliefs, and biases enable or limit your strategies for leading.
  • Wisdom about an emerging leadership archetype—one that is more balanced, generative, inclusive, inspired, and contributes to collective leadership and action—and why this thriving we leadership approach matters to your organisation.
  • Deeper connection to your drive to cultivate conditions where the thriving of others is not only possible, it is a priority.
  • Clear actions, integrated into your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment plan, you can take for leading a thriving we.

Spend 3 REFRESHING DAYS @ the International Health & Wellness Center in Colorado

  • Strengthen relationships with the other incredible women in this program. (By now, many of them are becoming your lifetime friends!)
  • Re-energize yourself through healthy eating, rest, physical activity, mindfulness practices and breath-work, bodywork, yoga, and other transformative activities.
  • Take advantage of the Center’s world-class integrative medical and spa services by extending your stay an extra day (or two!) beyond the program retreat.

Learn about best practices and emerging innovations for leading a thriving we—teams, organisations, communities, and initiatives fueled by high consciousness, high energy, high engagement, and exceptional results. Your training will include rich dialogues about how culture, heritage, beliefs, and bias shape how you perceive and lead others. Plus, you’ll experiment with blending feminine qualities (such as compassion and collaboration) and masculine qualities (like competition and hierarchy) to forge a new model of collective leadership that works for you.

Core questions guiding this retreat are:

  • What can I learn from positive models of shared leadership that are emerging worldwide?
  • How can I foster this kind of leadership in others—a thriving we—wherever I lead?
  • What unconscious attitudes, beliefs, or biases may be standing in my way?

Take home NEW INSIGHTS AND TOOLS to be well and lead well

  • Added wisdom to your personal Framework for Thriving, your guide for bringing your most alive, engaged, and wisest self to how you live and lead.
  • Curated resources and toolkits to help you cultivate a thriving we in your spheres of power.



You will participate in your third retreat (three days in length) at the International Health & Wellness Center in Colorado to learn about best practices and emerging innovations for leading a thriving “we” – teams, organisations, and initiatives fueled by high consciousness, high energy, and high engagement. By now you are aware of the incredible medical and spa resources available at the Center, so you may choose to extend your time there before or after the retreat.

This retreat will address the core question: How can I, as leader and whole human being, be an active invitation and facilitator of the thriving of others?  During the retreat, you will explore an emerging leadership archetype for leading human systems, one that is more balanced, generative, inclusive, and inspired. To support this exploration, you will:

  • Receive your genetic test results, a springboard to rich dialogues you and the cohort of amazing women leaders in your program have about how culture, heritage, and bias shapes how you each perceive and lead others.
  • Experiment with how feminine qualities, such as compassion and collaboration, can integrate with masculine qualities, such as competition and hierarchy.
  • Address how to use your presence, energy, and power to create the conditions in which people show up fully empower, resourceful, and whole in their lives and at work.

Your Integrative Enneagram report, Framework for Thriving, and the activities you accomplished prior to this retreat will be integral to this exploration.

As in prior retreats, mindfulness practice, yoga, somatics, and other forms of transformative self-care will be woven throughout your time in Colorado. You will leave this retreat with clear actions you can take for leading a thriving “we”, and integrate these actions into your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment plan.



CYCLE 3 extends the system of support to assist you with your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan:

    • A confidential conversation with an Integrative Health Advisor about your specific health goals.
    • Three, 1-hour group coaching sessions with a circle of peers on this yearlong journey. (Individual Be Well Lead Well® executive coaching is also available upon request.)
    4 e-talks with wellbeing and leadership experts—curated specifically for the cohort of women leaders in your program. Examples:

    • Building flourishing teams: new tools and practices
    • Using mindfulness to boost team leadership and performance
    • Relationships that thrive: the foundation of healthy partnerships
    • How to coach for shared leadership
    Private access to our Be Well Lead Well® digital toolkit, full of inspiring stories, practical tools, and resources prioritizing thriving in life and leadership.
    Supporting you with regular mindfulness and biofeedback training to make conscious, positive shifts in your state of being during your dayreal-life, real-time.
    A 1.5-hour quarterly training session equipping all organisational sponsors to support you and your peers in Be Well Lead Well® Women most effectively.