We are delighted you are joining us on this journey!

Upon registration, a Welcome Packet will introduce you to Be Well Lead Well® Women and guide you to maximize your investment in the program and the upcoming retreat. To get started, you will create a baseline of your life and leadership today.


  • TWO ONLINE SURVEYS via a unique link sent only to you
    1. Your Whole Health and Medical History
    2. The Leadership Circle ProfileTM
    This transformative tool integrates many of the best psychological, leadership, and spiritual development frameworks into an integrated 360-degree leadership assessment linked with business performance. By using it you will gain confidential feedback from selected colleagues about how your life stances, inner disciplines, and automatic beliefs and assumptions—your internal operating system—shape your ability to empower people and tasks toward generative results.
  • LIFESTYLE COACHING – Executive Lifestyle AnalysisTM
    This 2-hour 1:1 conversation with a Be Well Lead Well® Executive Coach will help you discover how you do—or don’t—manage stress as a resource for leading effectively, and living fully. We will reach out to you directly to schedule this conversation.
    Complete 8 weeks prior to upcoming retreat using the two test kits with simple instructions delivered to you.
    1. Blood draw at your nearest laboratory
    2. Saliva screening at home
    Your confidential results—along with the whole health and medical history you completed—will be sent directly to our integrative medical partner, the International Health & Wellness Center. IHWC’s team of physicians will analyze your confidential results using the best of Western and Eastern medical science and, at the upcoming retreat, share personalized recommendations for your health and vitality.
  • COMMITMENT PLAN to Be Well Lead Well®
    Your Roadmap for utilizing the program to your greatest benefit


  • Optimise your experience in the first retreat as well as the entire program.
  • Personalize the program uniquely to you.
  • Customise the program for the cohort of powerful women leader participants.


Accomplish these retreat OUTCOMES

You will leave this first retreat:

  • Refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Clear about specific actions, mapped out in your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan, to empower your life and leadership through thriving.
  • Emotionally prepared to take meaningful next steps on your Be Well Lead Well® journey.

Spend 4 REJUVENATING DAYS @ The International Health & Wellness Center in the Garden of the Gods Resort

  • A world-class wellness destination located at a registered National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Access to spa, bodywork, wellness, and integrative medicine services. Revitalizing practices such as yoga, mindfulness, farm-to-table meals, and time in nature will also be woven throughout the retreat experience.
  • Our Be Well Lead Well® team of facilitators and experts will provide you structured education, guidance, and support every step of the way.
  • Unique to CYCLE 1, at this retreat you will participate in onsite executive wellness assessments complementing the online and lab tests you completed before your arrival. You will debrief the results of your assessments in two ways:
    1. Conversations and group education with integrative medical, wellness, and leadership experts during the retreat.
    2. 1:1 personalized, after-retreat support toward health and wellness goals you choose.

(You will perform this executive wellness assessment again in CYCLE 4 to note measurable changes your commitment to thriving has made on your physical health and energy, lifestyle, leadership effectiveness, and thriving overall.)


Learn how to turn the latest science and practices about human thriving into positive lifestyle habits as you explore these profound questions during the retreat:

  • What enables me to truly thrive?
  • How can I make thriving a priority?

Take home a POWERFUL TOOL to be well and lead well

Create a personal Framework for Thriving during this retreat, a tool you can use to navigate decisions with generativity, inner balance, and personal alignment with who you are at your best.



Attend your first Be Well Lead Well® Women retreat, a 4-day rejuvenating experience at the International Health & Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This world-class wellness destination is located at the breathtaking Garden of the Gods, a registered National Natural Landmark.

Here, you and the other women leaders participating in Be Well Lead Well® Women not only have access to an array of spa, wellness, and integrative medicine services, you’ll also receive in-depth training in the latest science and practices for thriving and how to turn these into positive lifestyle habits. Because this is Cycle 1 of the program, you’ll also participate in an in-depth executive health & wellness assessment covering brain, heart, and immune system health and functional fitness.You’ll participate in this assessment again in Cycle 4 to observe the effects of your commitment to the program on your physical health, energy, wellbeing, and lifestyle.

Take part in yoga, mindfulness, bodywork, and other somatic practices, as well as healthy eating and time in nature to reconnect with yourself. Leave the retreat both refreshed and clear about actions you can take to enhance your ability to thrive in life and work, guided by your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan.



Make genuine progress on your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan using this life-enhancing system of personal support:

    • A confidential conversation with an Integrative Health Advisor about your specific health goals.
    • Three, 1-hour group coaching sessions with a circle of peers on this yearlong journey. (Individual Be Well Lead Well® executive coaching is also available upon request.)
    4 live e-talks with well being and leadership experts—curated specifically for the cohort of women leaders in your program—to offer insights on Thriving & Me topics.

    • Eating for a healthy mind, mood, and microbiome
    • Better performance through strategic disengagement, recovery, and sleep
    • Neuroscience, interpersonal relationships, and my wellbeing
    • How my biography shapes my biology
    • The female brain on stress
    Private access to our Be Well Lead Well® digital toolkit, full of inspiring stories, practical tools, and resources to make thriving central to life and leadership.
    Supporting you with regular mindfulness and biofeedback training to make conscious, positive shifts in your state of being during your dayreal-life, real-time.
    A 1.5-hour quarterly training session equipping all organisational sponsors to support you and your peers in Be Well Lead Well® Women most effectively.