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Pioneering Holistic Leadership for Thriving Workplaces

“We’re missing out on the best of people.”

Donna Clark of Courage Group International recently hosted Be Well Lead Well® Executive Director Renee Moorefield for a Fireside Chat to discuss the importance of leadership in creating environments where people can thrive and reclaim their humanity at work.

Their conversation is featured in several short videos.

Pioneering Holistic Leadership for Thriving explores how leadership is not limited to a specific role but is an orientation to the world. An approach that is focused on taking responsibility for one’s own wellbeing and creating conditions for others to thrive and show up fully in organizations. Developing leaders holistically, helping the leader tap into their innate capacities for wholeness, resilience, wellbeing, and growth, not only has an impact on leaders’ lives, but in their abilities to lead.


In Be Well Lead Well Pulse: Enhancing Leadership Well-being and Effectiveness Renee shares how the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment enhances leadership wellbeing and effectiveness, and fosters a holistic approach to thriving. She also shares how we trains leaders and coaches to apply this tool within their own businesses in order to cultivate organizations, communities, societies that prioritize thriving.


Unlocking Thriving Leadership Through the Power of Wellness & Purpose focuses on the importance of fueling leaders to achieve thriving leadership, particularly women, who face additional pressures. They explore innovative ways to address this and emphasize the significance of practices like purpose, awe, and wonder in elevating leaders’ well-being and effectiveness in the workplace.


In the final part, The Impact of Wellbeing on Leadership, Renee shares the results of Wisdom Works’ study on Leading in the Health and Wellbeing Industry which showed that when leaders report higher wellbeing they also report higher impact on others in their ability to inspire and energize others, maximize the potential of others, and cultivate an environment of care and collaboration. And as they wrap up the conversation, Donna and Renee share their hope for a future where everyone thrives.