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Is It Time for Gender Equity? YES, says Mim Senft, Executive Director of Global Women for Wellbeing

SenftFor me, it is a gift to support leaders in organizations around the world to ask the big questions: Why do we exist? What do we stand for? How can we unleash the potential of all people for positive impact? Over the past thirty years, I’ve witnessed a growing global movement of leaders who strive to cultivate inclusive, thriving organizations and better the world.

So, it was a pleasure to recently interview one of these leaders: Mim Senft. Mim is CEO of Motivity Partnerships, a workplace wellness firm, as well as Executive Director of the newly-born nonprofit, Global Women for Wellbeing.

At a time when campaigns such as #womensmarch, #metoo, and #timesup are calling for greater gender equity across all spheres of life and work, the latest research from the World Economic Forum suggests we’re going backwards, not forwards. GW4W steps in with a big mission, says Mim: Empower women to be the leaders of a healthier, more sustainable planet.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Mim. To support Global Women for Wellbeing, check out gw4w.org.


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