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As we begin a new year, our team at Wisdom Works is humbled by a group of leaders, our growing network we call Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guides. These leaders are enacting incredible strategies to advance thriving around the globe, as examples:

  • Redefining the purpose of brands to enhance the wellbeing of consumers.
  • Supporting school principals across the United Kingdom to reach new levels of effectiveness through wellbeing services they can now access using a new model of insurance.
  • Counteracting the collaborative burnout felt by people in global organizations transitioning to agile working by implementing leadership and work approaches supporting wellbeing and resilience.

… and engaging in thousands of one-on-one executive coaching conversations to deepen the capacity of managers at all levels to thrive in their lives and roles.

A few of the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guide shared with us what they are excited about for the year ahead.  We hope these voices inspire you!


Mary Wolf, President, Veritee Partners

I have momentum in the field of Dental Health Professional Wellbeing. It is a privilege for me to collaborate with the South Dakota Dental Association in the development of a comprehensive statewide culture of wellbeing. I am also excited to be spearheading the development of a Group Coaching series specifically designed for dentists, focusing on the essential components of thriving.

Bronwyn Ray, Executive Coach, rayson d’etre

In the year ahead, I’m excited about being able to share what I have learned over the last year, as I deliberately practiced what I preach on paying attention to all parts of our wellbeing to thrive. The last 5 weeks in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic have been an amazing reset, and it has not been hard to live in a state of permanent gratitude!

Suzanne, Provost and EVP of Academic Affairs, College of Charleston

I am excited about so many of the positive initiatives we have happening [at the College of Charleston]. But if I had to pick just one, it’s our work around student and employee success—providing resources and strategies to support both groups so that they can be successful in all their endeavors.

Andi Schrader, Leadership & Creativity Coach, Forest Light Coaching

I am partnering with another professional coach to offer a Wellbeing and Creative Exploration workshop in the scenic Dordogne region in France. The more we learn about the connection between thriving and creative expression, the more important my work as a coach and artist is becoming. Of course, creativity can mean almost anything from painting to writing to designing effective meetings. My expertise in leading groups focuses on the natural world and artistic expression. Being able to use the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® as the foundation at this art retreat will bring clarity to how interconnected all of life is.

Seema Sodha, Global Trainer and Leadership & Executive Coach

While the calendar has pulled us into 2024, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our bodies and internal clocks are ready to run. In fact, as consciousness rises and we begin to align our lives more with the natural rhythms of nature and the seasons, my current exploration of wellbeing centers around slow, steady, and deliberate movement. I’m looking forward to exploring this for myself and with other leaders with the aim of cultivating conscious, inclusive and sustainable leadership.


Interested in joining our community? Become a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guide in one of our upcoming programs, May 6-10, May 20-24 (Asia-Pacific), and October 7-11.  You can learn more about those certification programs here.  All are welcome!

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