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Four Practices to Amplify Thriving for Your Team and Community

Effective leaders, like you, are inspired by a strategic question:

How can we produce results in ways that elevate the capacity of employees, consumers, partners, and communities to evolve and thrive?

That’s a tall order! And it’s at the heart of a people-centered leadership strategy we call THRIVING AMPLIFIED.

Amplifying Thriving Begins With A Belief: We Are Inextricably Connected

Nothing happens by or through one person alone. As leaders, we must learn how to lead with a deep understanding that mindsets, emotions, and actions are contagious; they touch lives well beyond our inner circle. For thousands of years, many worldviews have instructed us on the profound truth: Everything is connected.

In the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® leadership assessment, THRIVING AMPLIFIED is about bringing forth more of your leadership potential to empower thriving within others. This is evaluated using three psychometric scales:

  • Energizing Others: the extent to which people are invigorated and energized through interacting with you.
  • Maximizing Others: the extent to which people gain clarity, effectiveness, meaningful impact, and growth through interacting with you.
  • Cultivating Care in Others: the extent to which people are more apt to express prosocial behaviors (i.e., gratitude, kindness, and collaboration) through interacting with you.

We find that leaders who score high in THRIVING AMPLIFIED are motivated to unleash human talents and energies for positive impact. They are more apt to see prioritizing thriving as part of their leadership effectiveness.

Thriving Amplified: Practices You Can Use Today

The idea of amplifying thriving can sound audacious! It’s about valuing wellbeing as part of your work culture so that employees leave work more refreshed, engaged, and capable than when they arrived. It’s about using wellbeing as a driver for life-enhancing innovations in brands, products, and services. And it’s about advocating for strategic ways your industry can contribute to thriving economies and communities.

Yet, thriving can also be cultivated through simple actions that directly affect your team’s experience at work.

Try out these practices…

1. Spread the gratitude.

Have each team member write a note of gratitude to one other team member. Make sure people are matched up so that everyone writes and gets a note.

2. Make a list of energy-robbers.

At your next meeting, ask your team to spend 10 minutes discussing the stressors that might be hijacking their wellbeing and performance.

A few signs your team is troubled or stressed:

  • A subdued team mood
  • Lack of engagement, sense of purpose, or wonder at work
  • Increased fatigue
  • A lot of hours put in at work with mediocre results
  • Relationship breakdowns with customers or suppliers
  • A steady stream of team members leaving their jobs
  • Frequent blow-ups between team members

3. Make appreciation a team norm.

Whenever your team is together, do a 5 to 10-minute practice to set a productive tone for work by asking team members to answer an appreciative question. Examples of great questions are:

  • What do you most look forward to at work each day?
  • What insight, skill, or win do you think we got this week? What insight, skill, or win did you get this week?
  • How are you contributing to the thriving of our team? How is the team contributing to your thriving?
  • In what ways do you feel we are making a positive difference for customers, partners, and communities?

4. Plant seeds of positivity.

Your energy radiates! Use it to set off a wellbeing contagion. Offer a kind word, compliment a colleague, ask an employee for their valued opinion, call an old friend just because, or reach out to a person you’d like to get to know. The good news? Planting seeds of positivity is a mental, emotional, and epigenetic input that positively affects your health and wellbeing, too.