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A Culture of Thriving: Your Authentic Path to Powerful Leadership Podcast

By December 14, 2023News and Events, Podcasts

For our organizations, our societies and our personal lives, human thriving is an untapped resource, a source of power that we need to be paying a lot more attention to.

Wisdom Works CEO Renee Moorefield explored how we, as leaders and influencers in organizations, can create and sustain a culture of thriving on the latest episode of the “Your Authentic Path to Powerful Leadership” podcast with Marsha Clark and Wendi McGowan-Ellis.

Renee shared why at Wisdom Works, we use the term ‘thriving’ most often because as we tracked the wellness and wellbeing movement over the last couple of decades, we saw the focus on wellbeing become narrowed to a human resources issue that companies treat as an afterthought rather than an asset. Many companies are now realizing that how people show up for work affects the results they can achieve. And research shows that when you are thriving, you are more likely to perform better, develop more productive relationships, operate with greater clarity, lucidity, presence, take appropriate risks and innovate and set the tone for people to work together with a sense of generativity and trust.

Listen to the podcast and view the transcript on the Your Authentic Path to Powerful Leadership webpage.

“There has never been a better time for us to really look at how to thrive individually and together.”
– Renee Moorefield, CEO of Wisdom Works and Executive Director of Be Well Lead Well. 


  • 8:01 – The difference between thriving and wellbeing.
  • 13:50 – What it means to thrive.
  • 16:33 – What supports individuals in thriving at work.
  • 21:58 – How corporations are building cultures of thriving and the challenges they face in doing so.
  • 31:35 – The latest research on the the wellbeing leadership of those supporting health and wellbeing globally.
  • 36:16 – Practices to thrive in the moment.
  • 41:02 – A real-time body scan practice led by Renee.