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3 Strategies to Unleash Your Potential as Leader & Whole Human Being

How can I lead in a way that unleashes human potential?

How can I lead in a way that unleashes human potential?


If you think of yourself as a leader, generative questions like this one motivate you. Thirty years ago, leaders managed human energy; today effective leadership is all about liberating it.

Why? Because for work to get done you must inspire innovation, collaboration, and learning across geographies and worldviews with a scale we could barely imagine decades ago. The gift you bring as leader is to activate the power of human energy toward worthwhile purposes and results. There is innate genius, wisdom, and capacity to thrive inherent in the human design, and you can tap into it.

Values such as happiness, wellbeing, integrity, trust, care, and love are no longer “the soft stuff” as in management styles of the past; they are part of your strategies for building exceptional work-teams, life-enhancing partnerships, and thriving organizations and communities.

So, a good question is this: Are you also putting these values into practice to unleash the potentials within yourself?

Here are 3 strategies that can help:

  • Grow up to uplift. An organization cannot evolve any faster than the mindsets of its leaders. Likewise, you cannot evolve your impact and fulfillment beyond the beliefs driving you. Take 10 minutes to begin exploring personally: What belief or assumption about life and leadership it is time to let go of? The world needs leaders who want to grow up to uplift themselves and others. Be THAT leader.
  • Return to how you are wise. Take a deep breath, and get quiet. Bring into your awareness a challenge you face. Ask yourself: what would wisdom do? You’ll know your insights are spot on if they come from a sense of calm, freedom of choice, and an energy stirring within you. Every human being has genius. Take these minutes to remember yours.

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