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A World Wellness Weekend Conversation: Purpose & Solidarity

This year, Wisdom Works Group was invited to participate in a World Wellness Weekend Celebration hosted by the skincare brand Immunocologie.

World Wellness Weekend is an annual event that promotes 5 Pillars of Wellness through fun, meaningful activities (Sleep, Nutrition, Vitality, Purpose & Solidarity). Across 148 countries and a variety of industries, businesses share practices and activities to “Elevate Wellness Worldwide”.

Renee Moorefield, Wisdom Works’ CEO, and I (Kate McIver) were asked to discuss the pillar of Purpose & Solidarity. It was a joy to contribute and discuss a topic that is very meaningful to us and our work.

Watch the recording below to hear how purpose-driven leadership can transform you and your organization, suggestions for integrating purpose into your life and work, as well as our visions for the future.

Key takeaways:

  • Having a team purpose provides teams with direction and makes decision-making easier.
  • In a study Renee performed, individuals who had a purpose and used it to guide their life and work scored higher in all other measurements of wellbeing.
  • Purpose is about discovering how we are uniquely designed.
  • A shared purpose is especially helpful for agile or decentralized teams and enables a more democratized and empowered organization.
  • A quick tip to get started on a shared team purpose: have a conversation with your team about why you exist together.
  • We exist not just for ourselves, we exist to support the wellbeing, the growth, the evolution of each other and the planet.