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What Does SLEEP Have To Do with Wellbeing Leadership?

Every single human has to sleep. Without sleep, our bodies are unable to function and grow how they should. Yet, did you know that insufficient sleep is now considered a public health crisis?

In the September Wellness Moonshot™, curated and developed by Renee Moorefield for the Global Wellness Institute, the topic is “Sleep.” Making sure you, your coworkers, and your family are getting enough sleep is an important responsibility. If insufficient sleep becomes a widespread problem in your organization, work quality will certainly suffer. In September, make it your goal to educate others about developing healthy sleep habits that will surely increase their quality of life for years to come!

Read it here: September Wellness Moonshot :: Sleep

Renee Moorefield is the founder and CEO of Wisdom Works. She is on the board of the Global Wellness Institute, chairs the Wellness at Work Initiative, and helps guide the Wellness Moonshot™, a global call to action to create a world free of preventable disease. Her monthly columns can be read here