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What Do Executive Coach Believe About Building Thriving Leaders For A Thriving World?

Over the past few decades, the coaching industry has boomed. Professional coaches can be found in every corner of the world and in every sector of society. Whether in commercial, nonprofit, academic, healthcare, or government settings, coaches are used as a key strategy for cultivating the individuals, teams, and leadership talent required for sustainable success.Blog 152 Pic

The International Coach Federation has become the go-to institution setting the standards for professional coaching globally. So it was an honor to recently present to ICF’s Executive & Leadership Community of Practice on a topic dear to my heart: Thriving Leaders, Accelerator To A Thriving World.

In this new frame, leaders are individuals and groups that use their passion, resources, and life energy to create the conditions where people and the planet thrive. This kind of leadership is transformational—it calls organizations and communities to be a conscious, active source of elevating our world. Executive coaches have a unique opportunity to midwife a momentum for this wellbeing leadership worldwide.

Organizations have different degrees of readiness to move in this direction. Some organizational leaders, like those heading the +1,000 b-corp companies, are committed to embodying a better, more enlightened model of business. Other organizations are just beginning to step on the wellbeing journey. I did a quick poll of the executive coaches participating in my presentation and found those coaches believe of the organizations they serve:

  • 51% of those organizations have an inkling that there is a better, more sustainable way to operate
  • 19% are getting clear about what this wellbeing leadership shift is really all about
  • 17% are taking steps to value and embody wellbeing at the core of the organization
  • 11% have adopted wellbeing-centered ways of operating

To learn more, feel free to listen in to the presentation. Or contact me at renee@wisdom-works.com.


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  • John says:

    It’s interesting to see executive coaching grow in interest and popularity. I think it shows that even with all of the technological advancements in the world, people still find a lot of value in the experience of others. Thanks for sharing!