Finding 5: Wellbeing Leadership for Top Management Depends on Industry Sector

When diving into the three sectors of the health and wellbeing industry, reports of high wellbeing leadership for top management differed considerably, as shown below.

Top management in Human Potential & Development reported the lowest wellbeing leadership compared to Global Wellness Economy and Healthcare. In particular, this showed up with lower scores in these wellbeing leadership psychometrics: Resting as Fuel, Breathing as Fuel, Awe & Appreciation, Seeking New Perspectives, Learning & Growing, Wholeness, and Emotional Capacity.

While top management in Healthcare was slightly higher than those in Human Potential & Development, only 22% of those leaders reported high wellbeing leadership. These senior leaders did not show significant differences in wellbeing leadership psychometrics than other sectors.

Top management in the Global Wellness Economy reported higher wellbeing leadership than both sectors—a full 39% of top managers in this sector were categorized as having high wellbeing leadership. Compared to first-line managers and non-managerial staff, these leaders had significantly higher scores in: Flourishing, Resilience, Self-Esteem at Work, Engagement at Work, Mindfulness, Vision & Purpose, Maximizing Others, and Cultivating Care in Others.

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