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Men On Leading Wellbeing? 6 Quotes That Speak Loud And Clear

A few weeks ago I shared six inspiring quotes from women leaders striving to bring out the highest and best in people and situations. These women are part of a growing movement for leading from the values as wholeness, compassion, rejuvenation, and wisdom.man helping man

No doubt, men are fueling this movement as well! They are transforming the once masculine-heavy, top-down style of leadership into a model that invites others – including themselves – to truly thrive. Drawn from our Face of Wellbeing Leadership series, these six male voices reverberated loud and clear from across the globe:

  1. Leading wellbeing “means being a responsible citizen and doing good for mankind and for future generations. That requires guiding and educating people about what it means to contribute to society and live in a more responsible and sustainable way. That applies to consumers, companies, employees, yourself, and your own family.” – Sandip Kohli, COO, The Change Initiative
  2. “Leading wellbeing is about helping each person bring out his or her best, front and center. Everyone can be their best self regardless of how they look, where they are, or what they do. We want people to feel good about themselves, enthusiastic about their work, and connected to their deeper purpose. Our role as a company is to create an environment where that is encouraged.” – Fikry Isaac, Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson
  3. “Leading wellbeing means using the organization to advance wellness in a much broader way to benefit society, and leading in this way is going to be the new normal. The younger generation demands it! We’re learning that putting the right vision and mission in place and bringing passionate people together around those can create a great culture—and great performance. This is when magic occurs!” – Todd Walter, CEO, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas
  4. “Leading wellbeing means being clear about what really matters and making sure your values match with your words and your actions. I’ve found that when people say something and do something else, it simply destroys their credibility and their effectiveness as a leader. And when you don’t measure up? You have to have the courage to apologize. Saying you’re sorry and rectifying the situation demonstrates your integrity even more.” – Udaiyan Jatar, CEO, Blue Earth Network
  5. “Leading wellbeing means creating a space for people to transform…people see and experience themselves and others as whole, and they feel more connected with the world and with everything around them. A deep sense of wellbeing naturally comes from this.” – Craig Neal, VisionHolder, Heartland Inc.
  6. “What’s interesting is that wellbeing, in many countries, is just a way to live. It’s not about a treatment that you buy or a product. I see a deep trend of wellbeing as a norm—a way to live for the ages.” – Patrick Saussay, CEO, Global Project & Spa Advisory

How do you lead in a way that promotes and progresses wellbeing? Let your voice be heard too!