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Help Yourself to a Serving of Gratitude

By November 23, 2011Wellbeing for You

slice-of-pumpkin-pie-gratitudeLately I’ve been counting my blessings. Like every year at this holiday time, I appreciate how much I have to be grateful for— dear friends and family, incredible clients, a husband that I adore, a dog that keeps me smiling, my health, and my wellbeing.

Before going to bed last night, however, a terrific article by Yoga Journal reminded me that gratitude doesn’t just roll around one season a year; it is a practice for living fully every day. With just a little care and attention, gratitude can be cultivated as an abundant way of being and operating. See for yourself. Try one or two of these gratitude-boosting exercises from the New York Times to deepen your relationship with a life partner, turn a negative situation into a positive one, or build a more productive team.

Out of pure thanks, do a kind act for someone else and watch the ripple effect. You’ll find out that gratitude is contagious. Your kindness will likely kick off a pay-it-forward kindness from someone else. And you benefit, too, from a bone-deep sense of happiness and optimism that gratitude— when done as a sincere act of blessing— always brings more of the same.

At the same time you enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie this holiday season, help yourself to a serving of gratitude. You just may find gratitude has the richer reward.

Photo by tonydolor