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First Ever Study of Leadership Across Health and Wellbeing Industries Globally

Wisdom Works study seeks participants from industries serious about prioritizing wellbeing to find out if leaders are thriving. 

November 2022, Colorado Springs—Wisdom Works Group has launched a groundbreaking study of leadership across the $4.4 trillion global wellness economy, as well as the adjacent industries of healthcare and human potential and development. The study seeks to answer two questions: As leaders of industries built to promote health and wellbeing, are we thriving personally? Are we advancing wellbeing through how we lead?

Recent research shows leaders globally are struggling both with their personal wellbeing and leading wellbeing for their teams and organizations. A Deloitte report indicates 76% of C-Suite leaders say the pandemic has negatively affected their wellbeing and that only 56% of employees said their company’s executives care about their wellbeing. Gallup research concurs: Employees who are engaged at work but not thriving in their lives have a higher likelihood of burnout, daily stress and worry, and double the rate of daily sadness and anger as employees who are thriving.

Creating work environments where people can flourish and bring their best energy and performance to work requires leaders who lead and live wellbeing. Wisdom Works, a social enterprise with a mission to make thriving a standard of effective leadership, wants to find out the extent to which leaders within health and wellbeing industries are thriving themselves.

The firm is seeking leaders to participate from industries that enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives. Industries include Healthcare; Healthy Eating, Nutrition, & Weight Loss; Human Potential & Development; Mental Wellness; Personal Care & Beauty; Pharmaceuticals; Physical Activity; Public Health, Prevention & Personalized Medicine; Spas; Thermal/Mineral Springs; Traditional & Complementary Medicine; Wellness Real Estate; Wellness Tourism; and Workplace Wellness.

Executives, managers, supervisors, and those professionals, such as consultants, strategists, and coaches, who influence management can participate in the study by taking a brief, science-based wellbeing leadership assessment. Responses will be anonymously aggregated and analyzes into a detailed report to be released Q1, 2023. For participating in the study, participants will receive a score of their thriving as compared to thousands of leaders globally, as well as first access to the final report of study findings. Deadline to participate is December 16, 2022.

Learn more and be part of this research study by registering here > https://www.wisdom-works.com/wellbeing-leadership-research/