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Experiencing Burnout? 6 Signals that Let You Know

6-signs-of-burnoutWow, this month been full of stress! From my town being evacuated due to the Colorado wildfires and the traumatic shooting in Denver … to no shortage of excitement in my work-life and multiple (wonderful!) guests who have visited, life seems to be presenting me with a choice: take the route of balance or let myself edge into burnout.

For my personal sustainability, I know the answer. Balance, balance, balance! Yet, I also know that burnout is sneaky; if you aren’t careful, it can show up when you least expect it.

My latest article, published in the new wellness magazine, Marmapoints, describes six destructive signals of burnout. It helps you identify if burnout is creeping into your life and work— and how it may be affecting how you lead. Click below to read it:

moorefield-in-marampointsAs you enjoy the article, I’ll say to you the simple mantra I keep saying to myself, “Just breathe.”

Photo by Charles Knowles