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An Exploration About Thriving (And Other Questions Fueling the Conscious Evolution of Leadership)

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What does it mean to thrive? And why is a proactive focus on thriving critical given the complexities we face, individually and collectively?

How can we make human thriving central to our organizations—where people leave work more well, more whole, and more capable then when they came?

How can our organizations—by virtue of existing—be an invitation to thrive for customers, communities, and everyone we touch?

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring these and other questions fueling the conscious evolution of leadership with Angie Cross, Co-Founder of the Human Current, a podcast that explores systems thinking and complexity in the workplace and beyond. (A side note: Angie co-hosts the podcast with her partner, Haley Campbell-Gross—they are truly charming. Be sure to check out their insightful podcast series!)

Enjoy my recent interview with Angie!

Want more? Wisdom Works has launched a new leadership assessment, Be Well Lead Well® Pulse, to help leaders examine and uplevel thriving, resilience, and wisdom in their teams and organizations, starting with themselves. If you’re interested in learning about it, drop me an email at renee@wisdom-works.com.


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