Finding 2: Leaders Across the Industry Show Potential for Growth

While this study found higher leader wellbeing linked to higher leadership impact, leaders across the health and wellbeing industry generally reported room for improving their wellbeing leadership. Overall, health and wellbeing industry leaders perceived that they were not as internally well-resourced as they could be to handle the complexities and challenges of their life and work.

For this study, health and wellbeing industry leaders were categorized as high, average, and low in their reported wellbeing leadership. Of the leaders who scored high wellbeing leadership across the industry, 38% were from the Global Wellness Economy sector—more than the Healthcare and Human Potential & Development sectors.

Although wellbeing leadership for health and wellbeing industry leaders was reportedly not as robust as it could be, these leaders indicated a high degree of Job Autonomy in making decisions at work. Additionally, 68% of health and wellbeing industry leaders scored high in Mindfulness.

These findings suggest that, should these leaders choose to prioritize wellbeing, they have the self-awareness and ability to do so within their job scope—with likely positive ripple effects for people and tasks.

In effect, this study reveals a clear opportunity for developing leader wellbeing as a path for improving leadership impact across the industry.

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