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Cert Program Q&A

By October 4, 2021
What is Be Well Lead Well Pulse®?
Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is a pioneering assessment system that combines the latest research about human thriving, combined with three decades of experience developing leaders worldwide.
As a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guide, you will be licensed to administer Be Well Lead Well Pulse® with leaders you serve, strengthening their capacity to lead from a foundation of internal balance, resilience, and wellbeing, plus activate thriving wherever they lead.
When and where is the workshop?
The 5-day remote workshop will be held via Zoom at the following times:
  • Mon 6 May: 9am-1pm US ET + 1 hour of self-directed learning assignment
  • Tues 7 May: 9am-1pm US ET + 1 hour of self-directed learning assignment
  • Wed 8 May: 9am-1pm US ET + 1-2 hours of self-directed learning assignment
  • Thurs 9 May: 9am-1pm US ET + 1 hour of self-directed learning assignment
  • Fri 10 May: 9am-1pm US ET + 1 hour of self-directed learning assignment
You must complete the workshop in its entirety, including the pre-work, to get certified in Be Well Lead Well Pulse® and receive your continuing education credits from the International Coach Federation.
What should I bring to the workshop?
Please bring the following to the remote workshop:
  • The program materials and learning assignments outlined above for each day of the workshop.
  • Your Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment feedback report.
  • An attitude of curiosity and learning!
What should I wear for the workshop?
That’s the beauty of a remote experience—wear what makes you most comfortable!
Who is leading our workshop?
Your workshop will be delivered by Renee Moorefield, Jane Cocking, and Kate McIver. We are truly honored and humbled to support you.
What else might I consider in preparation for the workshop?
For most people, the past few years have been a time of significant anxiety. Leading a well life can be an effective antidote to stress and is at the heart of our work to help leaders live and lead from wellbeing. So, here’s a gentle reminder: your wellbeing matters! Plus, a focus on your health and wellbeing will boost your learning during this program.
Take actions now that will allow you to dive into the remote workshop fully. For instance, create space during the week of the remote training to:
  • Get high quality rest
  • Physically move each day
  • Focus on learning rather than do other work
  • Limit your intake of media and emails
  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Stay hydrated
This remote training is an opportunity to retreat, as well as learn from others, as part of your personal and professional growth. Make it your priority.