Be Well Lead Well® Leadership Circles Is A 9-Month Program To Accelerate The Effectiveness Of Leaders And Leadership Teams

Effective leaders unleash the power of thriving to uplift people and whole systems, empower trust and commitment, and deliver great performance repeatedly. While most leadership development focuses on improving leaders’ skills, Be Well Lead Well® Leadership Circles helps leaders understand and update their internal operating systems—the framework of values, drives, beliefs, and assumptions that shape why and how they lead. Through time-tested, transformative approaches, leaders identify and act on deeper, more powerful inside-out levers to achieve extraordinary results.

What makes Be Well Lead Well® Leadership Circles Unique?

Results for Leaders & Teams

  • Ability to lead more consciously, authentically, inclusively, and with greater positive impact
  • Stronger relationships between leaders who share in this transformative experience
  • New tools to use thriving as a strategic resource for leading teams, organizations, and partnerships

Results for the Organization

  • Heightened competence of leaders to build a culture where people thrive
  • Shared language, framework, and tools for advancing leadership at its optimal effectiveness
  • Foundation laid for building an organization-wide leadership capability to thrive as a competitive and collaborative advantage


  • A highly interactive 9-month program, customizable to the organization’s needs, aspirations, and culture, designed to increase leadership vitality, accountability, and performance.
  • A proven methodology combining a 360-degree leadership assessment, Leadership Circle Profile, and our wellbeing leadership assessment, Be Well Lead Well® Pulse— transformed into action through an engaging, experiential workshop followed by coach-driven leadership circles.
  • Made for leaders in senior and mid-level roles, as well as leadership teams, a cohort of change agents throughout an organizational system, or leaders across multiple organizations.
  • Can be augmented with a Culture of Leadership assessment and our other trusted strategies for a leap forward in leadership thriving and effectiveness.

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.