Be Well Lead Well® Coaching Is A Personalized Program Empowering Every Leader To Make A Leap Forward In Vitality, Fulfillment, And Leadership Effectiveness

Be Well Lead Well® Coaching provides a structured, confidential path of learning on which leaders examine and update their internal operating systems—the values, drives, beliefs, and assumptions that shape why and how they live and lead. It gives leaders the rare opportunity to take stock of their position, determine how to amplify their presence and power toward making a positive impact, and commit to a higher platform of thriving, capability, and wisdom.

What Makes Be Well Lead Well® Coaching Unique?

Results for Leaders

  • A boost in health, vitality, and leadership effectiveness through personalized, holistic, evidenced-based strategies
  • Insight into habits of thinking that enable or limit leadership effectiveness, fulfillment, and ability to thrive
  • A motivating vision of leadership for the next phase of life and work
  • Greater competence to lead more consciously, authentically, inclusively, and with positive impact
  • New approaches to unleash thriving as a strategic resource for leading people, initiatives, and teams

Results for the Organization

  • Better use of the leader’s capabilities, potential, and wisdom
  • Enhanced abilities of the leader to energize and empower people toward results that matter
  • A leader more personally connected and aligned with the organization’s health and future growth


  • Co-designed with each leader to fit their unique needs, goals, and culture.
  • Cutting-edge science about thriving using our wellbeing leadership assessment, Be Well Lead Well® Pulse, combined with a 360-degree leadership assessment, Leadership Circle Profile—put into action through proven coaching methodologies to accelerate leadership effectiveness.
  • Intended for senior and mid-level leadership roles, key influencers and culture change agents, and high-potentials.
  • Can be used with other Be Well Lead Well® programs as a valuable part of a larger strategy to build a culture of thriving, leadership, and positive impact.

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.