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By August 7, 2016
  • Receive a Welcome Packet introducing you to Be Well Lead Well Women and helping you create your Be Well Lead Well® Commitment Plan, a roadmap for optimising the program for your greatest benefit.
  • Complete the online Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire sent as part of your Welcome Packet. When you complete this extensive questionnaire, you receive a 42-paged personalised report mapping your core motivations and drives, strengths and gifts, blind spots, and how your patterns of behavior show up in your life and leadership.
  • Participate in an Executive Lifestyle Analysis, a 1:1 conversation with an Be Well Lead Well® Executive Coach to discover how you do—or don’t—use health and wellbeing as a resource for leading effectively, managing your energy and stress, and living fully.
  • Do two physiologic tests from the privacy of your own home through easy-to-use test kits in your Welcome Packet. The first test checks for key health and stress metrics: cortisol, TSH, lipids, A1C, and blood glucose. The second test, done through a cheek swab, sheds light on your Apo E gene to identify what kind of diet and exercise is best for you based on your unique makeup. You’ll get your test results at the upcoming retreat (see Cycle 1 ENGAGE), along with training from our Integrative Health Advisor about stress, exercise and diet.